July 12, 2008

Quality Entertainment

So Darcie and I figured that we should get out of the house as much as we can the next few weeks since the baby could come at any time and, let's face it, we should become social lepers at that point. Nothing worse than a crying baby in a public place, right? Oh, please let us not be one of those people.....much.

Anyway, so we had dinner at home and then went out to see Disney Pixar's Wall-E. Darcie had been wanting to see it since the first preview and, I admit, it looked like it would be a good film.

The movie is splendid. My remark to Darcie as we left the theatre was, "That was the first time I ever really enjoyed paying a fortune to see a movie in the theatre." Not only is it an original plot, good story line and quite cute and funny, it's masterfully animated. Never did I think animation could look so life-like. Pixar continues to set the bar in 3-d animated films and I hope they keep making movies for a long time. Even the 5-minute short at the beginning of the movie was tremendous. Really, go see this movie. I don't mind feeding the Pixar empire if we keep getting quality entertainment like this.

Especially considering the other movies we had to choose from in the previews. Our choices were Space Chimps (a thrilling movie about chimps in space), Fly Me to the Moon (a gripping epic about 3 flies who hitch a ride on Apollo 11), or Beverly Hills Chihuahua (a movie that has no apparent plot whatsoever). If it's a waste of my time to watch the previews for these movies, I feel bad for the people who plop down the $8.50 to see them. And I feel worse for the people who spent their personal time and money making these films. Surely we can do better than this?

My other thought during the evening was the price of movie tickets. Yes, they are high and that's why Darcie and I would just assume buy a movie rather than see it in the theatre. But I'm confused as to why every movie is the same price. Everything else in our economy is driven by competition - why aren't movies? I actually might go see Space Chimps if it was only $1.50. You'd get more people to see it than if they had to pay the standard $8.50, that's for darn sure! All too often I walk out of movie theatres thinking, "I just got ripped off! I just paid $8.50 for a movie that was worth about $.50." I feel the same way about gas prices. I'm running around asking, "Why am I paying so much for so little!!??"

So, no baby yet. She is full term now, though, so baby could come at any time!!! We'll keep you posted.

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  1. I am excited about Wall-E. Hope we get a chance to go see it. Thought you might be interested to know that in New Zealand, it costs $15.00 to catch a flick... no matinee prices either. Ouch! Last time I even got a bag of peanut m&ms for $6.50!