July 2, 2008

The Fun Frenzy Begins!

Here we are, the second day of the reunion. We played sand in the sand pail this morning while waiting for everyone to get here. Lots of folks arrived today - Rich, Julie and Izzy, Dick and Jim, Duane, Lisa Sophia and Stella...

Yet, another way of going to great lengths for the comfort of the
"girlies", Dad and Dusty installed a window air conditioning unit into the little girls' playhouse so it is now officially climate controlled (with running water to the sink, and other electricity to come!)

Today's activity of choice, however, was for the sister-in-laws to sit and chat, then everyone joined the girls outside to watch them swim in the mini-waterpark Mom Dodge had the boys set up in the front yard. Four little girls, in their element. :-)
In true family reunion style, we cooked a huge dinner and ate way too much food (dessert to come in a little while), and I'm sure we'll all crash in a couple of hours after the girls go to bed.

It's really cool to have a family that will do this together - play, eat, pray, talk... Not a lot of people still do this, I don't think. Thanks to Mom and Dad Dodge who love to plan stuff like this to
bring us all together. Many more fun memories to come!

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