July 1, 2008

The Family Reunion - So it begins...

The Dodge/Emmerich/Jones Family Reunion of 2008 has begun, and already it proving to be a fun time with family. To demonstrate the lengths to which my parents will go to make everyone happy and comfortable, here's a pic from yesterday. Our next door neighbors are out of town, so they've allowed us to house some family in their house. However, there were no cribs for the small kids over there, so my brother and dad took apart
one of the cribs from my folks' house, loaded it on the lawnmower
trailer, and drove it up the hill to set up at the neighbors' house. Spare no expense!
My sister-in-law and niece arrived this evening as well, and Molly went straight to work playing with Mr. Potato Head, dollies and cribs, and Play Dough. She also gets along quite well with Grandpa (my dad)... I think they'll be best buds. Here she's telling him how much her dolly loves to swing, while reading a book and watching birds. Never a dull moment.
More to come throughout the week! There's nothing like family. :-)

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