March 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Heidi for Daddy

Thought you'd enjoy a snapshot of what we've been doing the past few days.  We love you and miss you!

Swinging at DeeDee's

Helping Mommy and DeeDee make meatloaf

March 8, 2011

It all ends tomorrow...

So I can say, that officially, unless it is a VERY productive afternoon (and I can drive to Oklahoma and back) that I won't finish EVERYTHING on my 30 while 30 list, but I think I did pretty well.

I didn't:

  • Finish by "book." (15 years and counting...)
  • Get family portraits made... yet!  
  • Take a vacation with my girlfriends.
  • Build 3 woodworking projects - although I did 2, and a wood painting project.
  • Take our dog for a walk at least once a week. (lost that battle the first time I missed a week)
  • Finish reading through the Bible - although I joined a Bible study and we started over in Genesis.
  • Refresh my French speaking - although I did watch a couple of French movies.
  • Have 3 block parties - although we had at least 1.
  • Do something special for my parents. (does having another grandkid count?)
  • Visit Rich & Julie in Oklahoma...
  • ... or get rid of one bad habit. (should have been more specific I guess)

But I did:

  • Read several books I hadn't planned on, including: The Unlikely Disciple, The Year of Living Biblically, 1/2 of Bonhoeffer, and the Mark of the Lion series.
  • Get pregnant and grow 7/9 of a baby... ?!
  • Decorate a new room for Heidi and redecorate the nursery for a baby boy
  • Go to Israel with Matt again
  • Play in the snow with Heidi at least 2 times
  • Go to San Diego with Matt for vacation - without Heidi!
  • Have Forge students/girls over for 2 movie nights and a girls' night out
  • Develop a wonderful, closer friendship with my neighbor Charis :-)
  • Replant my vegetable garden... again... and again
  • Visit Heidi's grandparents SEVERAL times
  • Learn how to make yummy bread without a bread machine... like, in the oven!
  • Spend almost every other night with my friend Jenn, and/or her roommates next door
  • Update the blog a little bit
  • Do lots of graphic design projects (ie - spend too many hours on the computer, like right now...)
  • ... and I'm sure lots of other things I can't remember right now!
Should I make a 31 list?  Maybe I could just go to Baskin Robbins and try all 31 flavors?

March 4, 2011

#2, here we go...

A few pics of the "new" nursery.  If some of them look familiar, it's because they are!  We did Heidi's nursery as a pretty generic room so it would be easy to change 'just in case.'  Well, that paid off!  We changed all the pink parts to blue or brown, and voila... done!  Added a few touches just for baby boy too.
Before - for Heidi
After  - for Baby Boy
Before - for Heidi 

After - for Baby Boy

Also, we have a name for baby boy!  We've known what we wanted to name him for a long time (since before Heidi)...

Joseph Barrett Lantz

Joseph is the name of many of Matt's patriarchs (grandfather, great grandfather...) and we decided we wanted to bring it back.  It means "Jehovah increases" or "continuation" so it fits nicely.  Barrett was Darcie's grandmother's maiden name (Gwynne Irvin Barrett).  It means "bear-like" or "bear strength."  Good for a manly little guy.

We also found this verse as we were reading through the story of Joseph in the Old Testament.  One of our prayers is that our little guy would grow up to be a man of integrity and wisdom like Joseph was in the Bible, and that he would have influence like Joseph did, so that someday, someone like Pharoah (a pagan) would say these words of him...

Just 2+ months until we get to meet our little guy.  We are really excited and praying for a healthy baby.  We know he will change our lives!

Heidi also painted him a few pictures to match his room.
She's slowly learning what it's going to mean to have a little brother...
and be a BIG SISTER!