March 8, 2011

It all ends tomorrow...

So I can say, that officially, unless it is a VERY productive afternoon (and I can drive to Oklahoma and back) that I won't finish EVERYTHING on my 30 while 30 list, but I think I did pretty well.

I didn't:

  • Finish by "book." (15 years and counting...)
  • Get family portraits made... yet!  
  • Take a vacation with my girlfriends.
  • Build 3 woodworking projects - although I did 2, and a wood painting project.
  • Take our dog for a walk at least once a week. (lost that battle the first time I missed a week)
  • Finish reading through the Bible - although I joined a Bible study and we started over in Genesis.
  • Refresh my French speaking - although I did watch a couple of French movies.
  • Have 3 block parties - although we had at least 1.
  • Do something special for my parents. (does having another grandkid count?)
  • Visit Rich & Julie in Oklahoma...
  • ... or get rid of one bad habit. (should have been more specific I guess)

But I did:

  • Read several books I hadn't planned on, including: The Unlikely Disciple, The Year of Living Biblically, 1/2 of Bonhoeffer, and the Mark of the Lion series.
  • Get pregnant and grow 7/9 of a baby... ?!
  • Decorate a new room for Heidi and redecorate the nursery for a baby boy
  • Go to Israel with Matt again
  • Play in the snow with Heidi at least 2 times
  • Go to San Diego with Matt for vacation - without Heidi!
  • Have Forge students/girls over for 2 movie nights and a girls' night out
  • Develop a wonderful, closer friendship with my neighbor Charis :-)
  • Replant my vegetable garden... again... and again
  • Visit Heidi's grandparents SEVERAL times
  • Learn how to make yummy bread without a bread machine... like, in the oven!
  • Spend almost every other night with my friend Jenn, and/or her roommates next door
  • Update the blog a little bit
  • Do lots of graphic design projects (ie - spend too many hours on the computer, like right now...)
  • ... and I'm sure lots of other things I can't remember right now!
Should I make a 31 list?  Maybe I could just go to Baskin Robbins and try all 31 flavors?

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  1. i think it sounds like you've been super intentional with your time! and i've heard the 30s are the new 20s! best times of our lives baby!! :) happy b/day a little early... love you friend!