July 8, 2008

Name Game....Gimmie that Name!

We've finally chosen a name for our baby girl! For those of you who knew the whole story, we had 3 names that we were attached to: Madeline, Katharine, and Heidi.

We decided not to do Madeline because she'd probably be called Maddie all the time - too close to Matty for us to really be excited about. Plus, it's one of the most popular girl names around these days.

Katharine was a great option as well. She could be called Katharine, Kat, Katie, or Kate - surely our daughter could find one of those she'd warm up to, right? But, again, a very popular name - and it just didn't have the ring we were looking for.

So, as you may have guessed by the picture, we have decided to name her Heidi. Heidi Katharine Lantz to be exact. We like Heidi mostly because it is a 'different' name, but not too different to be really weird. We also wanted our daughter's name to have a specific meaning. Heidi Katharine means 'the noble pure one.' Identity is so often found in our names and it will be our prayer that she lives up to the name we have chosen for her.

As a side note, if you ever come across any anecdotes, stories or other illustrations of the word 'noble' and its meaning - please let us know. We'd like to start collecting them for bedtime stories and such.

We were also hoping to tie in some family names into our firstborn, but we just couldn't find a name we were happy with. We'll have to save that for when we have a son. :)

Many of you will remember Shirley Temple who starred as Heidi in the 1937 movie of the same name. There's no connection to her or to the story itself - but it's the only image I could think to put on here since we're still 4 weeks away from meeting Heidi for the first time.

Darcie is due on August 2nd and as that date continues to draw closer and closer, we'll keep you posted on what's happening. Then, once Heidi is born, there will be more stuff on here than you'll know what to do with. :)

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  1. GREAT NAME! because it's what you chose for your little one! love the significance of it.