March 13, 2010

Update - Good News!

God has been so gracious to us! All but six of us were able to rebook on the earliest flight to Tel Aviv! I know that may sound like bad news to you, but trust me, it was a gift!

So, here is a summary of where everyone is right now:
1. Casey Harding, Jeffery and Jeff Williams made it to Isael yesterday as planned.
2. Everyone not on the list below just boarded Continental #84 to Tel Aviv and will make it there without missing any hiking days!!!!
3. The rest of us (we are calling ourselves the "oceanic six" haha) are going to be on Continental #90 at 10:50pm and we will only miss the first day of hikes. We are: Kimberly Ginnings, Matt Dalrymple, Tamara Eggert, Jake Collins, Jennifer Crouse and myself.

Your prayers have been effecitve! Thanks for remembering us. Please don't stop - we will continue to need them! I'll send one more update before the last group leaves tonight.

"The Oceanic Six" :)

Bless God!

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  1. I noticed your flightaware link deleted after it quit working, but Continental has something similar for their flights. If you go to this link:

    Then type in the flight #, you can see where the flight is. Hopefully everyone is now finally on their way to Israel! God's blessings to one and all!
    Denise Dalrymple (Oceanic Six Mom)