March 14, 2010


Good evening! I'm happy to report that I am writing to you all from Mitzpah Ramon in the south of Israel - which means our group has finally come back together again!

We are all accounted for and we are all pooped, but we are all in Israel and had a great day. The group that left on flight 84 last night arrived to Tel Aviv around 10am this morning and were able to get several hikes in right off the plane at Gezer, Elah Valley, & Lachish. Group two, "the oceanic six" arrived at 6pm and drove south to re-join the group one that was already at the hotel. Tomorrow we start fresh with everyone together and everyone getting a decent chance at some rest tonight. Tomorrow we will spend the day in the wilderness/desert and finish our day (again..Lord willing) with a soak in the Salt Sea!

The only problem we have left to face right now is baggage. There are about 19 people who still don't have their bags yet. That's the bad news. The good news is that the bags are here in Israel and will be delivered to us tomorrow - Lord willing!

That's the latest! I promise to have some pictures tomorrow.



  1. We're so glad you are all there! Enjoy the day you will soon start, assuming of course, that you are all sleeping at midnight, IST. :D Hi to Loren!
    Vic and Suebee Ransom

  2. Glad to hear the group is all back together. Hope the luggage get's in and all goes smooth from here.

    Tell my son Jason - We miss him!!!

    Love Mary Mccoy

  3. Matt, thank you so much for being faithful to post updates! My whole family is enjoying staying in the loop. Seriously, dude, aunts, uncles, grandparents... Thank you for letting us share the trip with ya'll via technology!

    Praying for the team's protection and endurance and for open doors (especially on to the Temple Mount)!
    Give Clay a big hug for me!
    Chelsea Chapman (Clay's big sister)