March 12, 2010

At The Airport

We made it to the airport! Our flight is delayed until 5:05 so the playing cards are out and we are waiting patiently. We did encounter one snag already as Casey's name was not correct on his ticket. Long story short, he is going to have to fly to Laguardia and take a cab to Newark all on his own! He's excited about the adventure (and his parents are okay with it too), but we would appreciate you praying that he makes it safely and swiftly to Newark so he can rejoin us for the flight to Tel Aviv. Thanks for praying!!

1 comment:

  1. Praying for the weather to cooperate and all the flights to get "caught up". Son-in-law stuck in New York, had to go to Newark then Ohio then DFW. His other choice was Houston. Must be the same flights as your group!!!
    Barbara (Amy's mom)