March 23, 2009

Slight interruption for a special news bulletin...

No, these are not pictures of Israel but I had to post a few so Heidi's daddy could see what we've been doing while he's gone. So, for those of you following the Israel travelers - enjoy some pics of us back home and we'll return to the regularly scheduled broadcast in just a bit. :-)

We love you and we miss you daddy! Can't wait to see you on Thursday. We had a great time playing at DeeDee and Grandpa's house. We planted a vegetable garden with Grandpa and painted the dining room with DeeDee (see photo 2 in the background - textured!)

Photo 1: Heidi is learning to wave "bye-bye", which looks a little more like she's waving to herself.

Photo 2: Heidi and Izzy with the grandparents - who just can't get enough of them!

Photo 3: We tried a photo opp with the two girls. Neither one of them were very interested in having their photo made, except that Izzy kept saying, "Apple cheese, apple cheese," which is what she says now when you tell her to smile and say "cheese."

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