March 18, 2009

Shalom from Israel!

At long last we've made it to Israel safe and sound! Thanks so much for your prayers!! We arrived on time here at about 3:15pm local time (much earlier than we anticipated) - which provided us with an unexpected opportunity to go on our first hike right after we got out of the airport! We made our way into the Shephelah to the Valley of Elah and the Tell of Azekah which is the location of the story of David and Goliath. After a great hike, we made a two hour treck down into the desert to the city of Arad where we are staying the night. Tomorrow will be our day in the southern/desert region of Israel and we'll end up staying at the Dead Sea tomorrow night. Not sure about internet access there, so forgive me if there's not an update tomorrow.

We are all doing really well! Everyone is feeling just fine and we are all in good spirits. Pray that we get a good night's sleep tonight and are ready to go tomorrow!

More updates as we have opportunity!


  1. Matt, when reading on your blog I just started weeping becauee of the opportunity each one of you are getting to be there in Israel and experience and be in the places that Jesus once was. And my goodness for Lauren.....I truly cannot imagine what she is feeling right now. This trip will ony impact her time at the Forge even more so. We are so thankful for you and Darcie and your ministry at Pine Cove.

    Praying for you and a big hello to everyone!

    From the Gomez's

  2. Praise God! It's great to see where you made it to and to hear where you are heading. We prayed for everyone today at chapel. Looking forward to following along with your journey.

  3. Ah, the familiarity! Seeing your pictures makes me want to be there with you all the more. So glad you got in early so you could jump right into it. Say hi to Marty and Boaz for me. Have a blast! We miss you all, and look forward to lots of great stories.

    Matt - Heidi is being a little sweetie, feeling much better and lots of smiles, and we head out to DeeDee's house in the morning! She's says hi to you from her jumper. :-) Last night's story: She woke at 2am, but then got quiet, so I went in to turn off her spinning light thing cause I thought she was asleep. Wide awake! And her little eyes saw me... busted! She thought it was playtime. We miss you!