March 20, 2009

a BIG day!!

Shalom from Galilee! We just finished up our last day in the desert and, wow.....we're pooped! Marty worked us hard today as we hiked up and down 2 different mountains and walked a total of 11.5 miles! It was all worth it, though as we got to go to Ein Ghedi (where David hid from Saul), Masada (one of the most sacred sites in Israel for Jewish people), and Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found).

Your prayers have been very effective for us as we continue to experience God's blessing each day. After a rough day of strenuous hiking, we had no injuries!! God also gave us strength as we made it through the toughest of hikes. Biggest prayer needs for us tonight is that we get our batteries re-charged and our muscles a rest. Hopefully we won't be too sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...we're in Galilee tonight and we will spend the next 3 nights here as we spend time walking where Jesus walked! Big day tomorrow, too, as we will get to experience the Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Bethsaida - just to name a few!

Lord willing I'll get you guys another update tomorrow night! Enjoy some pics from today!


  1. hey guys... thanks for the updates! i love hearing about all the amazing things you are learning and all the cool places you are visiting. i think it is so fun that i'm up nursing riley twice at night b/c it gives me the opportunity to pray for you as you are going through your day rather than while you're sleeping (like last time). i hope that you are all being a blessing to those around you as the LORD chooses to bless you with these experiences!

    love you all.... especially you mallory! enjoy today!

  2. Thanks so much for the daily updates and great pictures. Our prayers are with all of you on this wonderful trip and lifetime experience. We, too, check the computer several times a day hoping to see your daily report. Everything here is fine, Robby. Take a lot of pictures! And we are praying and thinking about all of you....

  3. Matt, thanks for taking the time to post the updates...I'm sure you're tired too but as the others have said I check the computer several times a day. It looks amazing and the pictures probably don't nearly convey the setting, especially considering its significance...I'll bet there will be lots of things going through y'all's minds tomorrow as you walk through Galilee, and I'll pray that the Scriptures come alive as never before. Please tell Andrew & Christina we're thinking about them and hoping you're all making lots of memories. Take care, rest up, soak it all in...

    Simmons family

  4. WOW!! Way to go everybody! Please know that I am praying for each of you by name as the spirit leads. You have my permission to bombard me with stories when y'all get back! :) Praying that the Lord will do the same as He said in Zech 10:12, "And I will strengthen them in the LORD, and in His name they will walk," declares the LORD.

  5. Isaiah 40:31 "...they shall walk and not faint"
    We echo the thanks and appreciation to Matt!
    Oh Glorious walk where Jesus walked...As we breathe we are lifting each of you up!
    Praising God for each of you!
    The Mercer's

  6. How amazing to be on Holy Ground. I'm reminded of the old hymn - "I walked today where Jesus walked and felt Him close to me." Thank you for sharing your steps along the way. You are in our prayers for safety and rest, but also that you feel Him close to you.
    Love to you all,
    Nana and Pops

  7. Hi Matt!
    It's so exciting to hear about where you're going and relive the memories! I am so excited for all the BIG days you guys have left! I'm praying for safety, strength, and open hearts for you all!! Can't wait to hear the stories when you guys return!
    Jenny :)

  8. As I look at the pictures of the mountains where you and Jesus walked, I cannot help but wonder which of them is where Jesus took Peter James and John to experience the transfiguration, or where Jesus went in the cool of the day to be alone with HIS FATHER. I praise Him for your protection and ask Him to give you all an energy that superceedes any soreness that may creep upon you. Revel in His Glory and draw near as He draws near to you.
    Our Love and prayers are for you all and especially my awesome son, Jimbo!

  9. Wow! Totally amazing to actually be in Masada and Qumran! I can mentally change your images in the pictures into shepards and nomads from two thousand years ago. Many prayers are being said for you from Ellinwood, Kansas. We are proud of you and love you Lauren!
    John and Tammy Sturn

  10. Bill and Lucille RaethkaMarch 21, 2009 at 8:31 PM

    God Bless these young people - Seekers Today and Leaders Tomorrow. Thank you for the opportunity
    for them to see the real thing, and you, Matt, for letting us share in this blessing.
    Love, energy, and good health to you all.
    Jimbo - we love you.
    GMa and GPa Raethka