February 15, 2008

Post from Yesterday

Hello all! Didn't get to post this entry yesterday because the internet was down again. So, here's a recap of all that our 4th day had in store:

It sounds silly to start the entries the same way every time, but what a day we had today! We started the moring by traveling to Beth She'an - just south of the Sea of Galilee. It was breathtaking and humbling all at the same time.

We then traveled to the east side of the sea and visited the ruins of Sousia (aka Hippos). After a hike down the mountain, we had enough time to get to go up to the Golan Heights and hear from Boaz, our Israeli tour guide, his thoughts and history on that disputed territory. (Incedentally, our time with him has been extremely helpful in understanding the political and religious tensions over here). After we finished up, we drove back down to the North side of the sea. We walked down an old farm road and then into some farmland. Just over the ridge we happened upon the Jordan River. We had an amazing time of devotion there and even got to get in. Cecily, in particular, got all the way in when she was baptized! Very exciting for all of us.

It was a full day and a rainy one. It was the first day that we were rained on all day and got pretty soaked. And it was kinda cold as well. It didn't deter us much, though. We made it through and had a great experience nonetheless.

We've got a few blisters and cold, wet feet, but other than that, by God's favor, we all remain in good health and spirits!


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  1. Thanks Matt for the awesome pictures! It has allowed us to "walk" with you on this just unbelievable journey. God is good! Tell Claire we miss her and look forward to seeing that big smile soon.
    Cil, Marty, Connor & Chandler Stitt