February 11, 2008

Good Morning from the Dead Sea!

Hello friends and family!!

We had a WONDERFUL day yesterday! We didn't do anything that I thought we'd do (turns out we're doing Masada, Qumran, etc today). Instead we went south into the Negev desert to visit Tel Arad and Tel Avdat. We spent the majority of the day looking at ruins of ancient sites there. We even got to have tea and bread with a Bedouin family (easily the coolest part of our day yesterday). We made it to the Dead Sea last night just in time to put on our suits and go float in the (very cold) sea. It was quite an experience and we loved it. Our hotel last night was quite nice and we're well rested and ready for another BIG day ahead of us. Today should finish up our time in the south and we will be staying up in Galilee tonight. All of us are feeling well and are in good spirits. We continue to see the Lord's favor as we go along our way each day.

Internet access is harder to come by than I expected, so I'm hoping the Lord will continue to allow us to find ways to get you guys updates.


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