February 16, 2008


Good evening from Jerusalem! We have just made it back from another long day of sightseeing and taking in many of the wonders here. The weather was absolutely beautiful today - a mere accent to the amazing things God has been showing us.

This will be our last post from Israel. Our schedule tomorrow is kind of crazy and I don't plan on having internet to be able to update you all. We're going to spend one more day in the city and then we're having dinner at our Israeli tour guides house and then heading to the airport (our flight leaves at 11:50pm). Once we get to Atlanta, I'll post our arrival via phone.

Today was FULL! We started the day by going to The Herodian (Herod's palace just outside Bethlehem). After exploring caves and secret tunnels there, we made our way into Bethlehem and (by God's grace) were able to actually get in to the Church of the Nativity (typically there are lines for hours you have to wait in). So we got to see the supposed place of Jesus' birth! After that, we proceeded to the Mount of Olives which overlooks the eastern section of the city and the Temple mount. We then made our way down to the Garden of Gethsemane in the Kidron Valley. We then walked into the Old City and got to sing in St. Anne's church right before going to the pool of Bethesda. After that, we made our way down the Via Delarosa to the Church of the Holy Seplucher (sp?) - the virtually undisputed location of Jesus' crucifixion. And our last stop of the day brought us to the Western Wall (pictured below) for a time of prayer and reflection.

It was a "Big Day", as our tour guide likes to tell us every morning. We've got so many stories to tell and can't wait to share them with you. It will be hard to leave this place, but we are eager to get home. We are still in good health and spirits! Please pray for our passage home and that God will cement this experience in our hearts.

See you soon!


  1. Glad we are first to post! Awww thank God for His goodness! You have been in prayers from day one and will continue to be in our prayers. Gooooo Cecily!!! Staci and I miss you guys terribly and can't wait to hear those stories when you return home. We can't wait for you to impart your new found knowlege upon us! Love, Cosmo and Pico.

  2. We can't wait to hear your amazing stories and see your show and tells. ;) Thank you for letting us experience such wonders vicariously. We pray God's blessings on you for safe passage home. Love Mom and Dad Lantz