June 3, 2011

What to do, what to do...

I stole this idea from several different blogs that I follow.  This was the easiest one to implement for me - I had an old frame I wasn't using, and some old origami paper that I've been saving for who knows what, so... ta dah!  Here is our "Summer To Do" list to give us ideas when we're wondering how to fill our days. Some are for Heidi, some are for us to do for ourselves.  It's not a long list, but I figured if we finish them all, we can make a new one halfway through the summer.  Enjoy!

(I put the origami paper inside the frame, then reassembled it with the glass, and wrote on the glass with a permanent marker.  I scanned it on our scanner so you can't see the picture frame around the edge.  We'll mark off our list with a dry-erase marker, then it all comes off with Windex or nail polish remover if you want to use the frame for another purpose.)

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  1. Just wanted to say I'm amazed that you're blogging... we have a blog but it's severely under-used... hopefully I'll change that soon. :)