June 1, 2011

2 weeks old and counting...

I guess you get busy when you have a newborn.  I had forgotten that.  I've been meaning to post some updated pictures of the little guy, and we've even taken some pictures that we could post, we just haven't gotten to it.  So, here are a couple of the latest:

Already chatting with his girlfriends on the iPhone.
With Heidi, it was Facebook.  With Joseph, looks like we're gonna
have to give him a cell phone curfew.

After his second bath in the "big" tub.  Can already tell a
difference in the top photo and this one... gaining a little
chub on that double chin!

It's a lot of fun having a little boy.  I didn't think it would be different when he was a newborn, because all babies seem the same, but it is different.   Matt and I have both commented on how you automatically think a little girl is sweet, and you want to be careful with her and protect her and be "girly" with her.  With a little boy, we've both found that we feel a sense of pride - we're proud of him, although he hasn't done anything of which we should be proud.  He doesn't do much of anything at all (except he's good at crying).  Maybe we're proud of the man he will become someday.  Who will he be?

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  1. Thanks for posting pics of Handsome for Zuzu!! :) Think he looks a lot like Heidi in the top pic. Love you Lantz's and praying for y'all!