August 13, 2010

Our Military...

We went to Kansas last weekend for a wedding. I have to say that the wedding was great. The bride was lovely and Matt and I can't be more excited for them as a couple.

However, I was reminded of something just as impactful as we sat in the Wichita airport, waiting to fly back to Dallas. I guess Wichita is a small enough town that they still let loved ones come to the gate with you to see you off on your plane. I watched as a middle-aged man dressed in U.S. Army fatigues talked with his family - wife and two kids, probably ages 7 and 4. He carried a large backpack/duffle, the standard issue I assume. He hugged each of their necks, said a few words. When the time came, he boarded the plane early so I sat and watched his departure. He looked back at his wife and smiled. She picked up their 4-year old son and held him close. The 7-year old girl stood close at her side. The kids waved - Mommy probably told them to say goodbye. Then he disappeared into the tunnel to board the plane.

I watched the wife as he rounded the corner, out of sight. She closed her eyes for a brief second, gathered her thoughts, gathered her children and headed out of the airport. I don't know if she was making a mental picture of him leaving, memorizing his face as he looked back at her, I don't know where he was going - to field training in Texas or Alabama, or to Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't know if he'll be in harm's way, or immediately anyway. I don't know if he'll come back or see his family again. I don't know his rank, I wish I did. I'll have to have my brothers teach me how to recognize it on a uniform.

I do know his last name is Rogers (on his uniform), and he's serving our country in some capacity, and he had to leave his family for some amount of time to do it.

So, I write this because I am thankful. And I want to remember to pray for officer Rogers, whatever his title may be. And his wife and two kids. And for his safe return. And for the Lord to strengthen them all. I'll add my cousin Doug Jones in there too, in Afghanistan. And my brothers as they serve in the Air Force.

A friend posted the link below on Facebook, which reminded me to write. You don't have to watch the whole thing, but you'll get the idea after a couple of minutes. Fathers really are special.

(disclaimer: I have no idea what the "verse" reference is at the end of the video, if you get that far. :-)

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