June 12, 2010

While you were out

Well Daddy, we promised you pictures while you are in Egypt, so here they are! We've packed a lot of fun into the first day here. Popsicles, swimming in the baby pool (maybe go to the Ulshes Monday), playing in the playhouse, upstairs and downstairs, lots of "bees", and reading books with DeeDee and Papa. The triumph of the day is playing in the baby pool in the front yard, Papa got in the little pool with her, and when he left to go to the garage, she got out and said, "Papa? Where go? Papa." So, after 2 years Grandpa is officially in the club of people that Heidi likes. :-) He even read her a story and tucked her in tonight and she didn't make a peep.

We're missing you and hoping you got some good rest last night so you could have a good first day! If we don't talk to you Sunday afternoon our time, we'll see you on Monday. We love you! It's only Day One but we miss you already. Excited to hear about your journeys from the day!

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  1. Absolutely adorable - I LOVE the popsicle pic!