June 14, 2010

Starting out our week... Hi Daddy!

Let's see... since the other day, we've crammed in lots of fun with DeeDee and Papa. Sunday we went to church and Heidi had such a blast in the nursery that she didn't want to leave! A good sign. :-) We all came home and had lunch and then we ALL took a nap. What a great vacation for us! We keep staying up until midnight chatting and watching movies, so the naps have been good.

After naptime, we headed over to the Goodrich's house for a pool party and dinner. They have a great huge house and a fun pool for the kids, and lots of toys. Heidi got to play with their little girl, Helena, in the nursery at church in the morning, so they were instant buddies when we go to their house. They played inside with the play kitchen and everybody had a blast in the pool. Heidi doesn't like to sit in the floaties, but she loves being held and "swimming" around as you hold her on her tummy. She's learning to wiggle her legs and arms just a little bit, and can even cling to the side of the pool for a little while too.

When we got home, DeeDee and Heidi played play-dough a little bit before bed, and we actually got her down at 7:30! Not bad for one day... we packed it in. Today (Monday) we have been at home most of the morning playing and coloring, and we're going grocery shopping to cook stuff for the family reunion. Then I may sneak out and go shopping myself or go up to Stampede tonight to see friends.

We miss you daddy! We are having lots of fun and hope you are too. I bet it is incredible! Hopefully we'll talk to you this afternoon as you get ready to rest up for Mt. Sinai. Wow! We love you.

~Mommy and Heidi (the pictures aren't the highest quality, but hey, they capture the moments well enough!)

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