October 24, 2008


So, Darcie took Heidi to a pumpkin patch and the results were just way too good not to put up on here. I know, we're shameless and post about nothing other than our daughter, but, hey, when she's this cute - can you blame us? Seriosuly, if these pictures don't make you say, "Awww", you should seek professional help as soon as you possibly can.

"Hey, mom...this costume fits pretty good...'cept how big does a girl's head gotta be for this hood thing to fit?"

Nate:  "Yo, girl.  What's up?"

Heidi:  "MaaaaaauuuuM!  Quit with the pictures!"

Heidi:  "Did someone say food?!"

Nate:  "Naw, they're just trying to get you to be cute.  Don't buy it.  Besides, girl, you need to lay off the milk - know what I'm sayin?  Those cheeks are out of control, girlfriend."


  1. those are seriously cute pictures!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA..... love it. The pictures. The captions. All of it. Must be meeting this darling pumpkin soon.