August 7, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast...

Well, we celebrated Heidi's one-week birthday yesterday... and by celebrated, I mean we took a few photos. We had high hopes of doing some 'professional' shots of all her different fun faces with a nice background, but the face that kept showing up was the cry-face - imagine that - so we settled for what we could get! She's got some cute ones, including the very thoughtful face, the serious face, the just-after-i-ate happy face...

We're having fun trying to learn to interpret her many faces, and her cries too. I think we've figured out a few, but I'm sure there are many more we'll come across in the coming weeks.

The other big news is that we took Heidi for her first doctor's appointment at the pediatrician's on Monday - her first outing! She did great and everything looked normal. Our pediatrician is great, very personable and you can tell he loves kids. He's also an Aggie, so that helps!

If you are a fan of Seinfeld and his stand-up routines, we took a picture of Heidi at the doctor's office as a tribute and touched it up a bit... see here. :-)


  1. so you have a child...and a job...and yet still incredible amounts of free time...?

  2. I just can't wait to meet this little beauty!!

  3. for the one picture of her sitting on the big chair my caption would be...

    "dad... read me another Dallas Willard book, pleease"

    this blog is one of my bookmarks now :)
    <>< jane