August 24, 2008

Being a parent is pretty fun . . .

So now that Heidi has existed for over 3 weeks now, we're starting to get the question, "So, you guys still like this gig?" We do. We really like being parents. We realize it's relatively easy right now - but it's so fun. She's our own source of entertainment. The Olympics have taken a back seat to just sitting around in the living room watching our daughter. She's pretty cute. Don't believe me? How about these pictures . . .

Here she is on her changing table. We discovered (by accident) that if we put the mirror from her papasan chair on the table with her, it totally changes the experience.

C'mon, yall got to create a caption for this picture. We thought this was hilarious. This was her first bath in the real tub - and her first expression when placed in the water. So cute!

Not to be outdone, we've also been busy at our rent house next door. We've always known our kitchen was booty ugly and our poor tenants have been living there for a year in the worlds smallest and most inconvenient kitchen. Really, look how bad it was:

We hired one of our friends to fix it up for the girls that live there now and install a dishwasher so they could move into the 20th century. He obliged and did a fantastic job. Just look at the difference:

That's all from the homefront! Hope all of you are well! Thanks so much for thinking of us and praying for us over the past month. We have really appreciated it. We'll continue to keep you posted not just on Heidi's developments, but also on the next class of Forge students that will arrive in a short 2 weeks! Amazing that it's time for fall already. . .


  1. So matt, i'm guessing the whole "don't wanna deal with my kid til they're in highschool" theory is kind of out the window, huh?

  2. don't know why it said anonymous but this is Celeste

  3. She is so adorable! The mirror picture made me laugh out loud. Hopefully I will get to see her in person soon! I love yalls family! :)