May 20, 2008

John 15:15

Darcie and I got to go to Danny & Ali's wedding this past weekend. Danny is a former student of mine (Forge class of 07) and it was such a great time being able to see the students again and celebrate the union of our two friends. They had been waiting a long time to get married and they did it the right way - so we were eager to be there for them.

One of the best parts of the weekend for me was that Danny asked me to be one of his groomsmen for the wedding. When he first asked me about it, I was a little taken back - half expecting him to ask me to officiate the wedding. What's neat is I think that being asked to be a groomsman was more of an honor for me. When you ask someone to be in your wedding party it communicates a certain degree of friendship. While I always hope to actually become friends with my students, I'm never sure that it actually happens. I fear that I always remain their 'teacher' or 'mentor' for the rest of their lives. So, I guess for me to have officiated it would have felt like I was still the mentor - but to be a groomsman meant that I was a friend. A tremendous encouragement for me as his former teacher. It was also the first time I had dressed up in a tux since my own wedding!

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