January 9, 2011

Feeling content, and life is full...

I want to be a Blog Mom.  One of those ladies that I follow on blogs that take tremendous photographs, do creative crafts, have a house that is totally cute on every wall and every surface, have time and resources to do all those things, who decorate their houses for every holiday and who even will show their dirty laundry and dishes to the online world - but in a cute way... And they do it with 5 kids!

But I'm not. I have 1 kid, and 1 on the way.  I have a part-time job and freelance graphic design business, and a rental house next door that always needs fixing or raking or something.  I have projects going all the time, but I don't take pretty pictures of them, and my husband would be glad forever if I finished them all and didn't start any new ones. :-)  I have laundry in the dryer from today that has not been folded, dishes in the sink that I didn't want to clean, and dog slobber on the rug in the living room - and it's too cold to take it outside to wash it.

But... do you want to know what I did today?
I woke up and made muffins with my 2-year old daughter.
We ate breakfast.
We watched one of her "baby" videos.
We made lunch together.
We dressed up in our scarves, coats and mittens and played in the snow. (in Texas!)
She took a nap.
My friends came over and we watched LOST Season 6.
My daughter woke up and we played in the snow... again.
We came inside and had a "pool" party in the huge tub in our bathroom.  Both of us.
Bathing suits and all. And bubbles.
She smiled the whole time and said, "I wuv you, mommy" about 10 times.
We put jammies on and had breakfast for dinner. Toast and eggs.  And pudding.
Then we played with the dog til bedtime.
Tucked her in with her books.

So, what did I accomplish today?  I didn't do any chores, or fun projects or crafts.  I have nothing to show for today except some photos of us in the snow. (and bad ones, at that)  My daughter probably won't remember anything we did today.  She's only 2 1/2.

But I will.


  1. This is beautiful, Darcie. You made me cry...I read this to David and then cried again. I think so many moms feel the same way, and the truth is, that we don't give ourselves enough credit sometimes! It is easy to look at what everyone else is doing (or appears to be doing) and to feel like we're just not up to par. What a wonderful day the two of you had, just being the two of you! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Forget being a blog mom... I want to be a Darcie mom.

  3. i'm so glad that you got to make beautiful memories with heidi today! you didn't make just her smile, but brought honor to the Lord by relishing one of the greatest gifts that he has given you... being a mommy! you're the BEST! love you!

  4. I concur with Ginger- being a Darcie mom is WAY better!! Love you and miss you friend!

  5. Sounds like a good day to me! She will remember more than you think. Way to go, Darcie.

  6. What a great day with your little girl! And congratulations on a baby boy!

  7. What a fun day!! The memories you made will last a lifetime. What a great idea for a "pool party"! I will have to remember that one. I am the same way...wanting to be a blog mommy but at least you have a blog...I don't even have one. Ha!