November 30, 2010

Pictures and Goings-On

I realize that we haven't posted many pictures lately... we haven't done much of anything lately, blog-wise. So, here are some fun ones...
Heidi - Licking the beater after our first attempt at making
ganache for Jenn's birthday cake.  She liked it.
Latest activity - building a tent in Heidi's room
with blankets.

Thanksgiving - Curious George x 2.

Thanksgiving - Literally, mid-stride in Dusty's lap, Izzy face
plants and falls dead asleep in his lap... face first in the couch.

New Baby's Room - I ordered these green cushions for our wooden rocking chair
when Heidi was born, for those middle of the night feedings.  They were cute and
fuzzy but very flat.  Cue fluffy old khaki pillow that doesn't match anything... steal his stuffing,
re-stuff baby rocker pillows.  One of the reasons Matt loves me, I think.  Thrifty.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the one with Heidi grinning behind the ganache = Classic!