July 12, 2009

A Family Fourth

Happy post-4th of July! We had a great time at the Dodge Family Reunion over the 4th, with all 4 Dodge kids, plus their 5 kids, making a grand total of lots of fun.

Ages 6 weeks, 6 months, 11 months, 3 years, almost 4... and the rest of us were older than that. :-)
We took the older girls to the Omni to see "Dolphins," complete with stuffed-animal dolphins provided by DeeDee (Darcie's mom), worked on sheetrock in the playhouse in the backyard, put in a French drain in the front yard, played sibling trivia (and had a walk down memory lane), watched movies, played games, and had a blast!We were even able to nail everyone down for a huge family photo. Darcie's sister-in-law took care of ordering matching t-shirts for everyone, so we were very coordinated. Matt's parents were able to come out on the 4th as well and join us for burgers, hot dogs, and maybe a little visit with Heidi too. (Thanks Lantzes, for taking the family photo with your nice camera!) Rick, Dottie and Doug Jones came for the weekend too and brought lots of yummy snacks. :-)
I'll admit that in our family, we're not all alike (some are Dr. Pepper lovers, some Diet Coke... you know), but when we get together, we sure have a great time. What a blessing to be in a family that enjoys being with one another, and a double blessing that we were all able to be there.

Thanks DeeDee and Grandpa for all your work getting it ready for us to come. We love you!

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