January 22, 2009

And now, back to Heidi

Well we are long overdue for an update on this blog - so what better way to get back into it than with a rediculous amount of Heidi overstimulation!  Here are some pictures from over the Christmas holidays that we thought were blogworthy:

A year ago, Heidi was no bigger than the size of this kidney bean - now look how big she is!  Amazing the difference a year makes!

One of Heidi's favorite quirks is the way she holds her hands up close to her face for security.  She crosses them over and holds on tightly!  It's pretty cute.

This one was just too fun not to put up.  Captions welcome!

It really looks like she's opening something here all by herself doesn't she?  It's really just a lucky shot - and a great one at that!

Yay for Heidi's first Christmas!

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