September 15, 2008

God is good, I love the fall!

I know it's not actually Fall yet, but with the leftovers of Ike still in town, the weather here is beautiful! It's not humid, and it's in the 70's! I think Fall is my favorite season.
This morning, Heidi and I went for a walk in the cool weather. here's the play by play...
Leave the house. Run into our neighbor's mom who is in town escaping bad weather in South Texas. We chat for a while and she tells me she's been enjoying the large swing that hangs in our front yard from a tree. I tell her to go right ahead - that's what it's for!

She's super nice.
Head up the road a couple of houses, to find 3 adult horses and a
new baby horse running through our other neighbor's front yard. They are beautiful! They stop to watch us roll by.

Walk up the road a bit before turning around to make a circle. A yellow and black butterfly flitters in front of us on our way back.
Nearing the house a brownish black bird and a yellowish bird decide to dive bomb straight for the stroller - one goes to the left and one to the right, just a few inches from us.
We get back to the house and Heidi is soundly asleep in her stroller, where she stays while I start picking up around the house.
Now, I know not every day in parenting will be like this one, but I'll stop and be thankful for the days that are. Heidi is in her crib playing and listening to lullabies while I have a moment to myself on the computer.
Life is good. God is good.

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