June 6, 2008

The other latest...

We do have a little bit of a life outside of our dog, so I thought I'd put some other photos up here. Does this shirt make me look fat? This is the latest belly pic - at about 31 1/2 weeks - so only about 8 more weeks to go. That's hard to fathom! It's gone by so fast. We've also had a chance to work a little bit on the nursery which has been fun, but needless to say, we're glad we have a little bit of time left so we can finish it up. Don't come too early, little girl! We still have stuff to do. :-)

And, because we can't resist putting pictures of the cute dog (just wait til we have a kid!), here's a picture of him sleeping in the car after we took him to a picnic at the park for 4 hours. Tuckered out!

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  1. Oh, you make the cutest pregnant person! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by sooner, but I just got your message on facebook. I am so bad about checking that thing! Our son, Elliott, was born on August 2...it is a good day to be born ;) We'll have to keep in touch, Darcie. Thanks for stopping by to check out our blog, too!