March 20, 2008

Boy or Girl?!

Well, we finally got to have our sonogram yesterday and found out that we're having a little GIRL! We are both so very excited and, for whatever reason, it feels so much more real to the both of us now that we're having a child. She looks very healthy and is 21-weeks old! Darcie is feeling great (and she still looks great too, I might add).

We're taking advice on names for her right now. We had a boy name picked out really quickly, but didn't really have a girl name. Here are some that we like and if you have thoughts, we'd love some help!


Thanks for all of your love and prayers! More updates to come!


  1. is she doing sign language in that second pic? she is already advanced! HA! hey, i really like Bethany, but lance says it reminds him of some chick he use to make shrinky dinks with????? good thing our opinion doesn't matter anyway.... you'll pick the perfect name!

    love all three of ya!

  2. I love how Madeline rolls well with Lantz. Madeline Lantz. That's my vote! but her name will be perfect because her loving parents will choose it! ;-) CONGRATS!