January 26, 2008

Baby Houses

13 weeks along . . . 27 more to go! She's showing! It's not much right now, but she's on her way to officially having a "girth" (as Matt likes to call it). She's also just wrapping up the first tri-mester and is excited that the nausea is finally starting to go away. It wasn't that bad, but she's glad she doesn't have to deal with it much longer. The baby continues to grow in his little house. He went from a fig to a lime and today is supposed to be the size of a medium-sized shrimp! Mommy and baby are doing great so far. Darcie goes in for her next check up next week and we should be able to find out the gender of the baby by the end of February!

Our other baby, Cinco (now almost 4 months old), just got a new house as well! Matt spent the better part of New Year's day and the weekend after building the mother of all doghouses. It's a fully insulated doghouse and weighs over 200lbs. Let's just say he got carried away. Nevertheless, Cinco likes his new house and has a warm and comfy place to stay when his parents forsake him and leave him outside all day long! The doghouse design is from http://www.doghouseplans.com/.

Matt is anxiously awaiting his trip to Israel in early February and, hopefully, will post updates of the trip on this site while he is there.

Hope all of you are well!


  1. Very impressive doghouse! All of the different colors makes it look like you used different types of wood. Did you? Congrats on the pregnancy! We look forward to hearing how it progresses.

    Love, Rachel & Tim

  2. Rachel -

    We actually used different kinds of stain on plywood and pinewood for the trim. I think it turned out nice - he doesn't even realize what a great house he has!

    Thanks for the update on the Christmas letter too!


  3. Hey, great jeans, Shmarce!